The Best Parental Jedi Mind Tricks


Becoming Dr. Bonita Best, a chapter in My Life story…

I am convinced that my parents are Jedi masters. Meaning I believe they mastered making me do what they wanted me to do without telling me directly like in Star Wars.

At this point in My Life, I cannot remember when or exactly which parent started the Parental Jedi Mind Tricks (JMT) on me. However, I do recall being a toddler and hearing my parents say, “You are Mommy and Daddy’s good girl”.

The Pilot – Parental JMT

When my parents were preparing to return to work, I remember my first drop-off babysitter exchange. I remember hearing my first bite-size JMT of “being Mommy and Daddy’s good girl” as we exited the car and walked to the front door of my babysitter’s house.

Imagine this as silent movie — The door of my babysitter’s opens, I transitioned from parent’s arms to the babysitter and them POOF my parents are gone. I hung out with my babysitter and then POOF my parents are back again to pick me up.

During the pick-up part of exchange among my parents, the babysitter, and me; I remember my parents smiling big because the babysitter reassured my parents that their Parental JMT tactics were effective because I was indeed “…a good girl”.

A long time ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away in a Tampa Bay City…

My Parental JMT chapter of My Life Story started off like a Star Wars episode without a number… I believe my parents successfully completed the Jedi master program with honors.

My parents’ Parental JMT came in bite-size mantras to help shape me. Today, my mantra is I am who I am. So, I happily introduce to you my Jedi Masters. Mom and Daddy…this is everybody. :o)

Master Jedi Mom

As described above, Master Jedi Mom started her JMT tactics when I was a toddler learning the importance of my given name, “Bonita”. My mom said that I needed to be pretty on the inside so it could ooze out to the outside.

Mind blow, Mom!

As a result of my Mom’s JMT, I learn to embrace inner-beauty and learn how to manifest it outwardly. With a given name of “Bonita”, my Mom’s words is something I practice today with a twist.

Bonita means pretty in Spanish

My twist on a having beauty beyond the surface-level was to:

Live my life with no regrets while treating people the way I want to be treated and not settle for less. As I live my life, my soul would reflect the inner beauty. So, when people see me, they see would my soul.

– Dr. Bonita “Bo” Best

As I grow into adulthood, I believed that my inner beauty would the true testament of my given name; and this Parental JMT would shaped me to be who I am today. Today, I am a reinventing, confident, humble, grateful, and spiritually awakening person with a social change entrepreneurial drive.

Master Jedi Daddy

My Daddy was also masterful in his Parental JMT tactics. Actually, I need write three separate blog posts highlighting my Daddy’s Parental JMT repertoire of bite-size mantras: wants versus needsmind over matter, and living up to your name.

I’ll start off with Master Jedi Daddy’s foundational Parental JMT living up to your name mantra. Since birth I’ve been hearing “live up to your name”. Really!?!? Daddy, really?

Thanks to Daddy’s bit-size Parental JMT mantra, I was inspired to always live up to my name.

My given name + surname = Bonita Best. Technically, I am Dr. Bonita Best. When I earned my doctorate, my Daddy said that I am the best doctor (pun intended!).

As I reflect upon My Life, the Parental JMT mantras shaped my personal development, aligned me to achieve academic and professional goals, kept me grounded and inspired me to want to live up to my name.

Here’s a snapshot of the outcome of my parents’ parental JMT and I live to write about it with joy in my heart. I must admit, as a young girl hearing those parental mantras challenged and scared me…however, I always relied on “living up to my name” and “mind over matter” to get me through to the finish line.

Accepted Computer Programmer job offer as a rising Senior in collegeEarned a College Prep High School Diploma
Survived the era as a single mom in a predominately male career fieldSecured an athletic scholarship to pay for undergraduate degree (100% Debt Free)
Helped the US Government consolidate its infrastructure and IT enterprise servicesEarned a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and could
Obtained confirmation that I can secure work anywhere in the world as an IT and cyber security professional — Accepted the offer to live and work in DenmarkLeveraged an employer to pay for my Masters degree while working (100% Debt Free)
Pursued a childhood dream to become a fashion model and walk the runwayEarned a Master Degree in Technology Management
Became an actor, background extra, and stand-in for a superstarEarned a Doctorate in Business Administration
Be published as an expert in my field – academic scholar, fashion model, IT professional, writer and actorAcquired Certificates in my profession as an IT professional
Achieve a childhood goal to be on the cover of Black Enterprise (well in today’s times during the COVID19 pandemic, I was on the Black Enterprise Women of Power Tech website as a speaker)Give back or Pay It Forward by self-funding a Bo Knows IT scholarship at my Alma Mater