Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Technology Doesn’t Discriminate: 44 Years of A Clean Driving Record

Getting Caught by Internet-Enabled Traffic Cameras – No discrimination with technology. The transportation industry, specifically, the departments of transportation, has embraced technologies to potentially assist...

The Fashion Industry’s 2021 AI: Beautifully Brained Fashion Models

I searched the Internet and leveraged my social network to identify potential gigs. There was no section for academic achievements on the casting application...

5 Steps to Becoming Your Own Dreamcatcher

As a youth, we all had big dreams growing up. Historically, the dreamcatcher refers to a protective talisman used by Native American cultures to capture good...

So, You Got A Cool IoT? Well, Did You Secure It?

What is an IoT? Believe it or not, you may have used or currently have an Internet of Thing (IoT) nearby as you read this...

PYDL Tips: Stop Vishing in 15 Seconds Or Less

I am going increase your awareness and let you in on four (4) ‘known secrets’. Technically speaking, this means scammers and cybercriminals considers these...

Ayurveda for a Sustainable Fashion Industry in 2021

COVID pandemic and rising levels of global warming have triggered ripples of changes in all industries, and the fashion industry is no different. One...

1 Down, Many More to Go: Introducing

Dr. Bonita Best leverages her research to transfer tacit knowledge and industry expertise to increase awareness, empower and influence. is for life learners,...

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