Friday, January 21, 2022

About Dr. Best

Hi There!
Thank you for visiting; I truly appreciate it. Since you stopped by and clicked on the “About Dr. Best”, you wanted to learn more about me. So, thank you again. If we were in-person, I would say, “let’s get to know each other”; however, we are meeting cyberly (cyber + virtually)… So, here we go…

Some years ago on September 5th in Florida, my parents, David and Evangeline Best, named me, Bonita Best. Through my academic strides, I became Dr. Bonita Best; however, many of my classmates and friends lovingly call me “Bo”. In professional or formal settings, I am Dr. Best. Nice to virtually meet you.

So, why am I starting to blog? Well, I launched as another way to fulfill my life mission to help people help themselves. This site will become a tacit knowledge transferor and hopefully one of your favorite go-to blogs to gain information that may help you achieve your personal goals as a human dream catcher, learn some tips to help protect your digitalized life and combat cyber threats, gain information to encourage you supporting me as I celebrate major milestones while paying it forward, enhancing my TKT Cycle®, fulfilling my life mission and supporting my goal to blend my world of cyber/IT, fashion (model and coach), and academics. is a multifaceted blog as it represents all of me. Hence my slogan: Knowledge Worth Sharing®.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you learn something new.

Happy 2021!


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