5 Steps to Becoming Your Own Dreamcatcher


As a youth, we all had big dreams growing up. Historically, the dreamcatcher refers to a protective talisman used by Native American cultures to capture good dreams and block out bad dreams. I want to apply the traditional ‘dreamcatcher’ thoughts and beliefs to a human dreamcatcher.

human dreamcatcher pursues their dream while blocking out the negativities and distractions that may impede them from achieving it. No one else will pursue and catch your dreams for you. That’s why I believe in empowering you to become your own dreamcatcher. It is the only way for you to pursue and achieve your dreams.

But how do you become a dreamcatcher? I plan to create an ebook or courseware to provide more details. However, I want to share five (5) basic steps to help you become your own dreamcatcher. These are the steps I follow when I pursue my own dreams as a dreamcatcher.

1. Determine your dreams and aspirations

According to the Native American Vault, dreamcatchers can help anyone capture their good dreams and achieve a bright future. But our everyday life is filled with so many good and bad dreams of friends, family, and colleagues. The dreams of other people may feel like your own. Is your dream really your dream?

To become your own dreamcatcher, determine your dreams and aspirations. The last thing you need is to pursue a dream for years, only to realize that it wasn’t yours when you finally catch it. Following in “their footsteps” can mislead you away from your dream. A dreamcatcher always pursues their own dreams.

2. Identify your “emergency breaks” that holds your dreams in place

Why haven’t you pursued your dream yet? The answer to this question will help you identify the emergency breaks that are holding back your dreams. Based on my experience, most people settle for less or, in my Daddy’s words, “settle for the crumbs in life.”

Let’s say that your dream was to get your Master’s Degree when you were in high school. But you got a good-paying job after graduating from college and decided to shelf your dreams indefinitely because “life happened.” Ten years later, you’re still in the same role, and all your peers have been promoted because they obtained their Master’s.

The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for,” said Maureen Dowd, a columnist for The New York Times and an author. Therefore, when I am mentoring people, I suggest writing down all the reasons you’re not pursuing your dreams. Once you’ve identified the blockers, you can take appropriate actions to remove them. If you don’t identify and remove the breaks, your dreams will remain on hold. 

3. Just do it! 

Actress Josie Bissett said, “Dreams come to a size too big so we can grow into them.” So, you have to learn-as-you-go and grow into your dream. Delaying has gotten you to this point… an unfulfilled dream.

To become your own dreamcatcher, change your motto from “I’ll do it soon” to “let me start it now.” Like Nike’s slogan “Just Do It”. My Daddy used to say “easy does it”. Practice makes perfect. But first, you have to start somewhere. Then learn-as-you-go and continue practicing until you’re perfect. You’ll outgrow your dream in no time!

4. Lighten Your Load (LYL) 

You need to travel light if you want to go far quickly. If you analyze truthfully what is stopping you from pursuing your dreams, get rid of it to lighten your load (LYL). Some people are hindered by past failures, disappointments, and discouragements.

Courage is the only thing you cannot afford to sacrifice,” said Scottie Somers of Living The Dream Foundation; “Your dreams will cease if you forfeit courage.” Even if there is a big gap between your expectations and reality, don’t say, “I’ll never do that again!” Crawl if you have to, but keep moving towards your dreams. Remember, Step #3 is “Just Do It!”.  

5. Bring in Your Fans!

Pursuing your dream is not a short race. It is a marathon. You need all the motivation and support that you can get. Erma Bombeck, author of Life is a Bowl of Cherries What Am I Doing in the Pits? said, “It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else”.

Choose wisely because the world is filled with dream crushers. Likeminded people, your true supporters and die-hard fans will always cheer you on. Word of mouth from family and friends that puts something positive into the Universe about your dream will and add value to your journey.

It is the most flattering way to show that they believe in you and proud you’re pursuing your dream. This is all the support you need to become a dreamcatcher and achieve your dreams. 

Your dream is your most valuable commodity. It is the seed of possibility that calls you to pursue a unique path and realize your true purpose in life. Becoming your own dreamcatcher will help you achieve your dreams and more!