1 Down, Many More to Go: Introducing BoKnowsBEST.com


Dr. Bonita Best leverages her research to transfer tacit knowledge and industry expertise to increase awareness, empower and influence. BoKnowsBest.com is for life learners, information seekers, dreamers, and those who want to know enough to be dangerous.

Transforming is the 1-word I use to describe 2020. Why? Because we (you and me) endured the most horrific year and we are ‘here’ today reading my first blog post (thank you!). After months of feeling helpless, uneasy, and sad due to the pandemic, rise in COVID-related death toll, and the public displays of injustices, I was determined to do some thing within my control and improve how I was feeling.

I needed to regain control my environment: people, places, and things. The people, information, and things that were not in line with my current or projected trajectory, I needed to make some adjustments. Once the ‘noise’ was minimized, it became clearer how I wanted to celebrate three major milestones while fulfilling my life purpose and giving back.

Milestone #1 – 10-Year Anniversary

Earned A Doctorate Degree. Adapting to our new norm and way of working due to COVID-19, I also wanted to revisit and expand upon my research on Transferring Tacit Knowledge with the Movement of People: A Delphi Study and my Tacit Knowledge Transfer Cycle (TKT Cycle). For reference, tacit knowledge is your know-how or the stuff in your brain.

Since 2020 was a transforming year, I am applying my research, TKT Cycle and leveraging technology to fuel BoKnowsBEST.com. BoKnowsBEST.com is my dubbed as my multifaceted blog and tacit knowledge transferor of tips and information on preventing cybercrime, the evolving with the fashion industry, and catching dreams.

Milestone #2 – 30-Year Anniversary

Technology & Cybersecurity Professional. After earning my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and climbing the corporate ladder while earning an advance degree in Technology Management, I always wanted to be in a position to pay it forward and fulfill my life mission to Help People Help Themselves.

As a 30-year veteran as a technologist and cybersecurity professional, I will power BoKnowsBEST.com to increase awareness on preventing cybercrime, and to inspire more women and people of color to pursue one of the 3.5 million unfulfilled cybersecurity roles. To supplement this site and to interact with cyberly (cyber + virtually) obtain targeted and more customize guidance, register to gain access to BoKnowsBEST’s Bite-Size Assistant (BSA), interactive tool within reach. 

Milestone #3 – 3-Year Anniversary

In March 2018, I walked in my first fashion show in Saint Petersburg, Florida; and aggressively managed my career as a freelance model  thereafter. This was a childhood dream that became a reality at the age of 48. By managing my own career, I learned by doing and welcomed the opportunities to learn from others as well as my experience. 

Within my first year of modeling, I was honored to walk in a number of New York fashion shows including during New York Fashion Week (NYFW). In addition, a modeling opportunity turned into being exposed and offered other opportunities such as being casted for a TV drama, David Makes Man, on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN); Nike’s Dream With Us commercial, and several independent films.

Being able to turn the lemons from 2020 into lemonade in 2021, by transforming to how I fulfill my life purpose: Help People Help Themselves while blending my worlds together and pay it forward by sharing what I know with others. As you read this post and others on BoKnowsBEST.com, I hope you are inspired to:

  • Become your own dreamcatcher® (BYOD) to realize your dreams

  • Navigate through the evolving fashion industry and become a change agent

  • Combat cyber threats and prevent cyber crimes with making simple life-adjustments 

  • Transition to a career in cybersecurity to fulfill one of the 3.5-million vacancies

Thank you for reading my first post, I have many more to go. Watch for the announcement of BoKnowsBEST.com’s Bite-Size Assistant®, an interactive go-to source to increase your awareness and know-how. Text #menu to (240) 222-5835 to learn more. 

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A multifaceted blogger of BoKnowsBEST.com. Dr. Best's life purpose is to help people help themselves; and is now using blogging as another away to achieve her purpose. Dr. Best wrote her dissertation, Transferring Tacit Knowledge with the Movement of People: A Delphi Study, and developed a Tacit Knowledge Transfer Cycle (TKT Cycle) to describe the process of a successfully tacit knowledge transfer and she's expanding her TKT Cycle by using BoKnowsBEST.com as a tacit knowledge transferor.